Key Stage 1 Football for Ages 5 – 7

Key Stage 1 Foundation football training for kids is designed to allow children the opportunity to have social interaction with others. Which, will in turn allow Children to develop their own confidence levels.

This Key Stage 1 group has a curriculum focused on an introduction to football, teaching children the basic skills that are involved.

By engaging in physical activity their levels of concentration increase as well as strength in both muscle groups and bones.

The sessions are fun with a playful environment that is active with all children getting involved in playing football.

Nick Firth who runs our Saturday Morning Children’s Key Stage 1 is an experienced PE teacher working with children throughout the week.

Nick rounds of his session with a penalty shootout.

By getting the children involved in taking penalties at each other, Nick demonstrates how simple drills are a great fun way for the children to enjoy themselves and engage in social interaction with each other.

Here friendship bonds being developed. It is great to see both Boys and Girls joining in and doing their best to score a goal while at the same time it is an early stage for the children to work on developing co-ordination and technique.

Nick works extremely hard at creating the right environment for children to be comfortable and feel involved in the football session, whatever their levels of ability.

As this is a natural progression from our 2-4 Toddler group, we continue to build on fundamental movement skills, (FMS). The basic movements traditionally associated with human physical activity such as running, jumping, throwing, catching, skipping, and hopping.

Other football training for kids at the THA Centre

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