Football training for Girls 12–16

Football training for Girls Only is for 12-16 year olds who want to master the game from beginner to more advanced players.

The training is ideal for new or existing players who want to improve their all round game.

Girls Soccer Mastery

Our Operations and Technical department have developed several exclusive training programmes for our Children. The football training for girls only 12-16 follows our “Girls Soccer Mastery” development programme.

The football sessions follow our dedicated training plans for this age group where basics are developed along with technical and tactical football skills.

Sessions are organised and lead by a coaching team who have specific experience in the women’s game of football in Leeds.

Each session follows the dedicated training programme with monthly feedback session to outline player progress and areas for improvement.

These sessions are run by Sean Nyamudandara, a degree level Sports Coach who currently manages the Leeds Beckett Women’s University Football Team and is Assistant Manger at the local Ladies Team at Horsforth St Margaret’s.

With over four years experience in working with 3 local Amateur ladies teams in Leeds. Managing and running Leeds Beckett University Ladies Football Section, through all levels one to three. Our coaches have the knowledge and know how to implement player improvement.

The Women’s game of football is taking off rapidly in the nation and we are extremely exited bout being a part of that progression. This is why we feel that the Girls should have a dedicated group session with advanced level coaching.

Other football training for kids at the THA Centre

For boys and girls aged 8-11 our football sessions focus on developing the basics at Grassroots, for more information click the photo below.

Click the photograph to find out more….

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